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Moving to another country is a major operation. We can help you ship your things.

We use a sea container for that, which is available for hire or purchase.

The advantage of using a container is that you can load it at your own pace.


And the container can also be used for storage, as a garden shed, etc. at the new location. On top of that, the goods don’t have to be unloaded right away upon arrival. If you buy a container, you can take your time unloading it.


Delivery of the empty container and shipping of the fully loaded container is handled by our proprietary lorry, which is equipped with a crane.


Our pricing is highly detailed, meaning that all costs incurred are itemised, including tolls in various countries and tunnel charges.


If you have any further questions, please contact us by email or phone.

HC Containers,a true family business.

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We can help you with everything relating to containers. We offer office containers, storage containers, building site containers and sea containers.

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